The ATV lift kit

April 24, 2011

Add two-inch lift kit main reason, because of your tire you, fender rubbing them without a lot to add turn allows ATV. The most important together with other reasons, approval of land up to enhance package, making it easy and wall, to cross deep water inlet through levels, is the best big, does it four-wheeler you look good!

Add your treatment includes large tires, you increase five or more inches tall can end with. It will make a difference! If you shock with progressive ATV Lift / springs, not only to improve their mount points, you also benefit from a strong suspension, you can fine tune.

ATV lift kit included in the first phase, 2-3 inches of lift is not very expensive, less than 200 dollars, is not difficult to install. Once you have three limit “prices skyrocket ($ 1,000 range.) Increase primarily is due to two inches, because it very much when you do not rub tire fenders. Big tires will increase turn increase allows you to add your location, so you five or more inches tall can finish with more.

Lift more 3 large difference between price because “the wheels because of constant velocity joints based view of the narrow place, up from the start you have this great big elevators part of a large number of additional shares need to change. to make up for it.

A body is equivalent to a lift truck as you can get. No effect on the physical body of land approved only woke up.

The first phase (2 “-3″), lift kit, “Lift suspended” to be considered, and some combination of work:

Better shock spring / mount point
Shock “rolling” spring / mount point
A distance less than or spring add
Replace spring stock and / or shock (including heavy use of suspension with you)

Each kit comes with installation instructions, their original installation package should follow. Usually not difficult to install, you can do in less than two hours. Some models than others and kits can be difficult.

Original ATV lift kit installations process:

According to a front tire and the party attacked Remove bolts.
Mounting brackets mount point increase attack, and shock mount bolts and tires to reinstall.
Repeat this process back then, or after a shock absorber with a simple ATV.

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