Choose the right ATV tire

April 26, 2011

ATV tires are your most important part. ATV tires and a variety of different types in a particular area usually are. When new purchase, the best to suit your needs you need to know. ATVs are often natural regions most circumstances, because they usually stop road gear is designed for. It is only right choice that can withstand abuse, you can be your all-terrain vehicles is going through.

General Tyres

General ATV wheels, because all know the wheels of terrain, good terrain to perform different types of plans are. Most all-terrain vehicle and bicycle of the type of plant installation. They can be used on and off road, road, rocky terrain, snow, sand, mud can provide good traction. But if you want to ride your ATV just one area is better, tires, selecting a particular area for special.

Paddle wheel

Paddle tires, wheels, also known as sand, the area should be used is in the sand. Running paddle design features are placed in the kick. This paddle tires river trade vessels attached to their age like a big ball look. ATV open sand paddles it away seize them to provide, is better traction. Although he performed well on the beach, the area they should not be used in other types.

Clay wheel

Tires for clay, as the name of the tire is dirty regions. High-tech suspension of the weight allowed for a maximum capacity of light to maintain. Form, irregular spacing of the ear and forward maximum traction tires go for the soil to provide. Good traction is being stuck in the mud to stop the ATV.

Snow tires

Winter snow tires are perfect to use. They perform, such as snow and ice better and in another area of ​​tires is stable. Patterns for design, level of the tires is tire chains pattern blocks around looks like a package. This ATV is designed in wet conditions, has a better grip.

Tire mark

Sign the Fair blind area used tires. However, they have more weight, used for aggression are less than dust levels. Tyres also rings a short walk way, is very closely linked. More expensive competitors trail tires, because they are a strong, more durable materials.

Product Specifications

Tires before buying it is necessary to study details. Consider the most basic feature when shopping tire width, height, weight, aspect ratio, and logically speaking is the type of tires. Also, please note one other thing, should speed rating, load index, wheel diameter and tire construction.


Where all-terrain vehicle riding and enjoy their adverse effects on the environment to a variety of low pressure. Their effects to find out you need, if you do not want myself to the environment. ATV tires digging channels dry swamp forest area bloodshed. Not only that, they also tear tires, very fragile desert plants of the beach use and overall is very important to sand dunes. He also could fall well kept weak.

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