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May 1, 2011

Security Institute recently released a vehicle to help protect power and the first train ride for children about the most important notes to strengthen – the number of priority protection. We car workshops and training centers help children and young people remember that regardless of how much fun to remember the number of vehicle security, preferring to have a will.

When their views during an interview about ATVs, most children and young people think their ideas from this rule and often misguided people shame. “I know that security is the most important thing when riding in the car on his country and his friends behind when I catch up or when you are being dared to take on the path is very difficult , my head all thoughts of flight safety I know it’s wrong, but I can not talk like that. You help, “James 17 years) says. And ‘help’ children and youth who need such as James’s.

Trainer, coach, parents, personal ATVs to be safe for their children to help them play an important role to. They believe that children and young people often do not realize or they’re putting themselves in a dangerous condition should forget. adrenaline rush and then encourage them to throw caution in the air. Such Heidi, 8 , said: “… It’s not that I want to forget, and forget I can not help!”

Two very important things that we on our youth ATVs they can do to stay safe.

Give a number, it used to be safe. As they always say, it is very difficult habit to break. Trainer, coach, or parent’s role to help them to secure a regular and is used. In this way, until they are recklessly test of working, they can think twice. Think twice and their chances in the second half something less dangerous! This is half the battle won.

This age – ATVs more youth and children by providing war victory in the second half can be obtained. Usually between the age of 6 children under 70cc will be an old car. 12 years for children between the ages 15 to 16, while children between the 70cc ATVs 90cc 90cc car handling and top management can be properly can. ATVs game when their skills and qualifications, security is out of range and less opportunities for them.

Dermont, a teenager, is sure that his car during the ride is safe in the parents about the role says, “I know he gave me a car for some reason 70cc and sometimes I think my friend and the best bike for me is unfair, but I think ‘security’ is a valid reason. “Right.

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