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May 6, 2011

Nanotechnology, cell phone, and your vehicle is all that is normal, why? No, it failed to make those tough brainteasers really answer or not one is a secret. Is the common denominator in this case batteries. Maybe you a car, your cell phone is definitely, and Nanotechnology at the way things work will revolutionize (atomic and molecular break point on the agenda).

an entirely new class of nanomaterials for high power lithium Rensselaer Poly Institute developed rechargeable (Li) ion batteries next generation, which at the end of the day power vehicles like their laptops and mobile phones before, Electronics and will appear in order to activate internal combustion cars and quads until cells responsible for the shooting.

The research team led by Professor Nikhil Koratkar shows that they nanoscoop (because of some kind with round top ice cream cone looks like a Chinese name) in the circumstances of the exact pool failure of the current battery is capable of thriving under: too much charge and discharge rate.

In fact, battery and can be charged from 40 to 60 times the conventional battery anodes nanoscoop off new rate is faster, while maintaining the same energy density. In this electronic means is a very fast time can charge. A laptop computer that takes time being more than an hour to recharge the principle that men in a few minutes go to full duties. Ensure that the use of tools and less time-consuming plug in the wall of almost every one of them makes sense, and most vehicles of pigs’ question in mind is that we benefit will?

The answer, the fact is that batteries for electric vehicles powered consider, and provide more energy density and more energy will have to work properly. Today the only way we can achieve these requirements, conventional battery attached to it is through the use of supercapacitors. Nanoscoops process invented by him kept out of the right intensity of sound old the need for capacitors can.

Thus, the question then – lithium ion – batteries for everything if we Adam acid tank quads and cars we currently have, why the change is in the running to be made not for ourselves? The answer is price. Can ion – Battery pack is currently in hybrid electric cars and foreign production is in fact likely, are, and then imported into the United States.

Make it more batteries are available for 20 years committed to technology, despite any U.S. factory production for some time, less profit, thanks only to encourage production. I like the Japan, Korea, China and countries as phone factory answer.

Problem of existing production process and the fact is that world supply of lithium in South America is a big part, and can ion – rechargeable car usually double the current price – MSRP is with lead acid battery.

Even still, the alkaline, out cadmium, and lead acid – batteries of writing on the wall much persistence. The concept of lithium ion is only attractive to ignore, a concept that is even more when a Almighty nontechnology nanoscoop make known its benefits are likely to start.

Was still thinking how you and your vehicle can benefit? Well made, even the lithium ion – 33 per cent compared to most current rechargeables battery acid are mild, if any tape on the authenticity of the battery is greater by thinking, and weighing less than 2 pounds, and of men as can be – doornail and minutes to full charge.,

Also, for us, we off seasons for a long time is forced on the shop machines, and can charge the +95 per cent of security in the storage room temperature after five years, ! Bye, charger trickle.

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