Peaks and rugged area with more natural if you cross the tracks when you’re looking for, then you on a farm in Northeast Wisconsin Wildman can check to.

Opened in 1990 and a farm and two features – Athelstane another Niagara, Wisconsin in the other. Since 2003 was ATV’ers is catering for.

Michael Wildman Krejcarek field form and topography of the region as the glaciers. “The mountains are very interesting and features,” he said. “Marinette County, where we trained in the most organized and comprehensive in the state of Wisconsin. More than 200 miles of trails there are Assembly a beautiful ride.’s Bretton heavy pine forests and rivers go through the way of .. . and breathe there – are likely on the way to the big mountains with Curves and fast enough you wide range of areas of different types of covers. ”

He said the car very good condition Krejcarek local clubs maintain trails. He trails and a sandy soil that has been flat explains. ATVs and UTVs standard way usually is obvious.

Wildman form

And a form Peshtigo River raft outfitter as Wildman started. Over the years, more activities and facilities on another site said that in 2005 was built on the Menominee River.

Adventure outdoor activities, including resort, a variety of offers whitewater rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking, and a thin rope challenge course, climb the rock, anti-hair paint, golf, skiing, and car rides.

Wildman form UTVs rent and also provides tours of tracks. “Travel is a journey that three to four hours and covering 50 miles are generally for various links that we use there are some, and many riders each region we visit we too. eat a local bar and fun place to eat can stop holding something to prevent one side of the road, “Krejcarek said.

The most popular tour is closed McClintock Park. “Peshtigo river runs through it, and there is registration with the old room that bridge the islands are connected by and large virgin pine the rest of the garden a great, looking to relax and take some rest during the flight of place. ” Krejcarek said.

Visitors during a UK TV week in week total of $ 190 and $ 175 can rent. In addition, visits to agricultural management.

As two features from the farm Wildman noted. Both Peshtigo River, where waterfalls are 10 camps in this part of the combined total in whitewater.

Accommodations are also five comfortable rooms, only one heater and electrical connections, and beds, and 10 full service cabins that sleep from 4 to 16 people with bunk house style accommodation is included. The camp costs $ 9 per night, room and bunk house or a comfortable $ 60 a night weekdays and 72 dollars for Saturday night. $ 150 to $ 325 per night with full cabin service cost. All cabin of a picnic table and fire pit includes.

Menominee River facility and a Texas barbecue style restaurant, where guests who Peshtigo facility to meet the food pavilion outside. Bluegrass and blues artists provide entertainment on weekends.

Form offers discount packages you sign up for the amount of work depends on. For more activities and a, sign up for the biggest discount.

Form two of the organizers of Club vehicles with is a very close relationship. “We track the different ways we can contribute to working with them,” Krejcarek said. Help local club field work and help in the form of volunteers to maintain trails to promote

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