The Fuels for ATV

May 6, 2011

Gas is very good, the dental offices and its popularity among performance tuners evenly close eye on need. Believe it or not, and nitrous oxide is not flammable at room temperature (in the view of smoking may allow a public use, yes time is good in places, by the dentist is expected to be seen is in). A little less than 570 degrees Fahrenheit Lyrics are steadfast, Nitrous oxide heat long before they realized explosives facilities needs. Even the high temperatures, contrary to common misconception, the gas is not combustible because it is an oxidizer. What this means is that glorious moment where the fuel and spark, nitrous oxide was only process can provide maximum oxygen to meet (some 35 per cent to more specific).

Since then, as the name indicates, nitrogen and nitrous oxide both nuclear (2 of them) and contains oxygen (1), what really happens inside the engine combustion chamber that nitrogen dissolution nuclear, this situation is best for editing oxygen: fuel molecules oxygenize. More oxygen enrichment fuel burns more efficiently, and nitrous oxide injection and so during the period as increased energy feel.

This includes speed and power that most nitrous small can gather in the liquid state and a lot of pressure (1000 translation is not unusual) is subject is ignored in this way. Disease once again highlighted the atmosphere, immediately vaporizes (LPG conversion process.) As it happens, the area around it also absorbs heat and thus temperature reduction as early benefits of father. In clear words this means that one fee and therefore you cold ambient air and more intense, if the amount of drawing. Charge density than that of oxygen pack, and obviously, only Speed ​​is more appreciated.

Since much of the same cylinder pressure increases in this more intense charged cylinder nitrous allowed. Result is more pressure in the heat, the heat wave then ironically resulted in the cold charge. The most common long-term problems resulting from the heat and mutilation or damage piston or cylinder head or valve distortion or krykng (Burr) predetonation are included.

As is the case in the car world, nitrous oxide injection system or order the “dry” or “wet.” The difference is really simple and very logical: a set of equipment dry form only gaseous nitrous oxide depends on the group, while more wet nitrous oxide fuel – Rome (gas) combines with only one to accomplish the task strengthening. It is interesting, and most of your question for the day of doom reference view of the fact that many of wet nitrous injection trust that organizations demand a specific air fuel ratio to work correctly. Electronic fuel injection with the change of the day in most of ATVs, and is running a number choice.

General rule of thumb: a set of cheap goods because they dry less parts and less complexity, a group that nitrous oxide (N2O was in the box instead, I injected engine requires no change of any kind is not “sniffing” by requiring cylinder instead of directly in the cars.

(Such as NX: Nitrous Express) small groups many companies could nitrous engine aircraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles offer, ATVs, which engine (four cylinders), based on a 50 horse power developed in 5 can.

Alcohol, and in this case methanol, the short-term recommendation in racing engines than petrol almost consumed fuel for a result will double the amount of alcohol is! Oil and brake, and such as methanol is hygroscopic, which means that for a second water environment, and metals gaskets, and seal the gap absorbs,. Four-stroke engine is recommended that methanol (Loeb) treatment of fuel used for erosion control can be. In addition, methanol completely at the end of the day, every time the fuel system should be dry.

In addition, for gasoline alcohol, ATVs cold burns from burning methods and generally requires an increase in pressure. Methanol lean air / fuel ratio of gasoline will explode much violence is less tolerant.

So in conclusion, nitrous oxide and methanol you every success similar final results (short race for increased power), and means that it can meet very different from nitrous rapidly although the initial cost less for maintenance can be recognized.

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