Jessica and Jason Westray cumberland mountains of Tennessee in a day spent for ATVs riding was a family affair. It is clear that they love this area because of house Dayton, Ohio-based. Jessica age 4 years and remember coming down from Dayton brother and cousin with her mother can ride trails.

And a family affair in the past year at the age of adult friends with Jessica and Jason courage was shown to be vehicle ride. Available by the children who ride and race tracks on the tables to each other by beginning to want courage is an example. Royal Blue in the area, coal mining known as community and children from mischief to put the coal mines were used to transport will ride. Resident did not like. The group camp and only collected near the camp at night.

Resident not soon, Westray became concerned and his family to a farm vehicle started planning. Local population, the four sites, high quality pen, and bought land to include trailers. “We took the trailer away from money and have a shop in the House barn,” Jessica said. After that was Royal Tour. This year was 2006. With time, different-sized room to accommodate visitors were made.

Jessica’s mother, Sheila, owned a farm, a general store is Jessica, and Jason rent cumberland north expansion, and business Web site, where visitors can hire on ATVs.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency roads maintenance, and funds provided by the state uses. Paths and different levels of difficulty. Most of easy to moderate. But there are also a rock climbing routes via Highway – 75. “We have been designing routes and natural way,” Jessica explained. “They find seven points and include two waterfalls. A place called Sand white sand mines, and there always to burn natural gas flame. And being again as the region also entered on the deer. ”

Rangers Royal Blue Westrays and car club known as members. “He is a member of the country, and ride every weekend from here.” Jessica said that playing for clubs such as Tutes group ride sponsored charity in this area. Guest Royal Blue Rangers when they do travel or club members to provide directory services can include is known. Westrays even walk lightly members. Off road vehicles and national (NOHVCC) Council on Environmental Preserve.

It is clear that the Royal Blue ride around the earth’s forest area. If there other people outside recreational hunting, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding can talk with, are.
Royal Blue bogging mud ride

Lodge, restaurant and accommodation included for 28 full service cabin. Lodge is more than 2500 square feet and includes regular, and comfortable dining areas and comfortable guest which there a large screen TV can. Breakfast and lunch restaurant serves food. Breakfast juice, biscuits and fried apple and bacon and sausage from the southern style, eggs, and more scrambled. For you to track a boxed lunch can buy. Pizza is also available in the Lodge can be delivered to the camps. From time to time band performance on Saturday night live.

There are three types of room – “. Backward retreat” rustic, rustic cabin and a luxurious cabin sleeps four people from the bed and bunk beds and a full, a set of heat and air conditioning, and the maximum includes fan limit. Luxury is in the room and the largest of the six people sleep. They include the loft, Queen, Full, and a sofa bed, bath towel, heat, air conditioning, ceiling fan, full bathroom with. Guests coffee can and a small breakfast or lunch there more brave microwave oven and fridge is for. Monday, and park model, which includes decorated kitchen unit from goal – the “back” is 35. Each unit sleeps six people, and there with queen-size bed is in a private room. All units log furniture, heaters, yarkmdysnr feature. This $ 75 a night per night to $ 150 room rates. In addition, rent tent sites $ 32 to $ 55.

When you enter a shop this year, looks like you stepped back in the days of founder. Of old wooden shelves, which feature derived from wood products are built on was organized. Is making equipment, ice, beverages, clothing, hats, rainwear, jackets cosmetics, and sundries, first aid, medicines, firewood, marshmallows, bike accessories, oil and OHV Besides fishing, which allows equipment Each day, equipped with a model.

In addition, a pro shop that Royal Blue logo (logo) clothes, rainwear ride, and clothing, helmets, goggles and gloves, bicycle accessories, spare parts, and sells oil to ride.

In addition, two neighboring cities – and LaFollette Caryville – are where most restaurants and entertainment.

Resort offers incentives recently have begun to. Also a reward program, the guest provides an exception.

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