For large and small planters, time is precious in the process of cultivation and harvesting of Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB). If TBS late  consequently sent to the CPO  quality may decline. Therefore, the planters need a quick means of transportation and has a large capacity.

ATV or  All Terrain Vehicle or often called a mini-tractor has proven its ability to help transport FFB. It has a carrying capacity which reaches 350-500 kg with a rear trailer, of course, to facilitate the transport of FFB. Powered 4-wheel drive system (4WD / wheel drive), this vehicle able to cross all sorts of good road conditions incline, derivatives, wet and muddy.

But the ATV is not limited to the transport function FFB, but has other uses. First, a mini tractor helps the process of breeding when planters should bring the material – material nursery to nursery areas, examples of polybags, soil fertilizer.

Second, a grower can carry seeds in polybag (age 1.5 to 2 years) farm planting in the new land. This means that these vehicles can be relied upon to accelerate the process of planting.

Third, this vehicle can launch into the location of garden fertilizer, so the direct approach of palm trees. As a result, not draining planters to carry fertilizer, in addition to making efficient and effective work time.

Other benefits include ATV assist the process of extinguishing a fire during a land fire fighting equipment such as carrying water pump, hoses and equipment – other equipment.

With a size not too big but agile in all conditions, meaning no one if planters choose ATV as a vehicle of their supporters. Moreover, this vehicle has the advantage in terms of suspension and tires off road to maintain stability, so the risk of slip and instability can be avoided.

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