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May 13, 2011

A few weeks ago there are good deals. We invited a close look at  ATV is used in the ‘hinterland’ of Central Kalimantan. Without thinking, we answered that call by saying the full name for a plane ticket to Banjarmansin.

Apparently, the oil palm plantation which we visited in the area Pengkuh, County Home Knives, a distance of about 7 hour car trip. Do not think, smooth asphalt route. Because of the total distance that we through 40 km dirt road worthy off road terrain.
When beginning to look a row of palm trees around 2 years old, I began to relax. The assumption, would have closely with the base camp of this plantation. Apparently my mind misses the fact that there is still another 26 km main road plantation there before reaching the destination. A little mending it, because this play plantation road, street width of 20 meters over a relatively smooth and well maintained. So the car is wearing the double cabin can go faster than ever.

Once in the workshop, we were greeted by friendly smiling people in the plantation that was there. Sufficient remedy, despite the scorching afternoon sun was very oppressive. “Close  from Banjarmasin,” joked Rudy Kusnasi, Section of Engineering & Transportation, who saw me and Indra Gumay who looked tired. “Now rest and take a bath once in the mess, after that we walk,” he advised.

Lightweight Non Destructive Way
Do not wear long, we walked peatlands PT. SCP is berluas 20,000 hectares with a car. Main road (main street) has woken up neatly, as well as collecting road car that has decent pass. “But in peatlands, still, two months, the streets must be dumped again and again,” said Rudy. She said the road would disappear if only for transporting seedlings. This friendly man confessed, that’s what made one of the high cost of road maintenance budget because it must involve a back hoe or long arm.

Half an hour we reached the central nursery. Vast expanse of land that has been equipped springkle for weed seeds so as not to dry. This is where  ATV  to work hard. Imagine, the target PT.SCP must finish planting area of ​​7000 hectares of oil palm seedlings again in 2010, of a total of 20,000 hectares of land. “Thank God for  ATV. The process of transport of seeds can be very fast and practical,” says Rudy.

Peat soil labile character, clearly complicate pickup trucks and cars to ‘roam’ as certain to damage the road. But with ATV, the problem of seed delivery to all corners of the land, to be efficient. Because yes it was, during the process of transporting the seeds ATV absolutely no damage to roads due to mild.

So fight
Honor transport vehicle operator is calculated based on how many seeds can be transported from the breeding center to the location of planting. Now, ATV became seizure because fast delivery is very short compared to other vehicles in the PT SCP.

“All operators scramble to choose ATV over it,” Rudy said while pointing tractor-like vehicle that is more appropriately called gado-gado cart. How not mixed, if the generator’s engine wear, wear-owned car transmission 5 speed, but at all could be speeding baseball. Not to mention the rear axle pickup stolen goods.

Let Fertilizer No Stacking
ATV arguably all Rounder vehicle. Can be used for anything. On the sidelines of shipping activities to the point of planting seed,  ATVs can also be diverted for fertilizer shipments from the warehouse to the location of fertilization.

Once transport, can carry 10 sacks for the sack of 50 kg (25 bags @ 20kg). Two or three hours to send fertilizer, ATV return to the delivery of seedlings.

Help Extinction
The nature of the flammable peat soil, making the process difficult blackout. The cause fires often occur in locations difficult to reach a car or truck water tank. Well, this is where the magic ATV. This motor can transport water spray machine in anhangnya and slid to the location closest to the point of fire.

“Very helpful and can prevent fire spread,” said Widoyo, Head of Engineering, PT SCP. Said the ATV Widoyo presence in plantations berlahan peat very much help because the agility and flexibility for all purposes.

PT. SCP has experienced a fire that devoured 100 ha of existing plantations of palm trees was 2 years old. Losses billions of dollars that just because a discarded cigarette butts irresponsibly.

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