Test balls with ATVs

May 13, 2011

Community ATV (all terrain vehicle) recently appeared on Earth Mutual Kruani Krawati Sangi. The presence of motor sport community that demands great physical and guts is led Mauluddin SE. Every afternoon, groups of motor sport that is named ATV Sport Four this Lawang held Four exercises in the circuit cross Lawang.
Mauluddin said the presence of ATV Sport Four Lawang is to bring together ATV mania in Four Lawang in contributing and feel different. ATV”different from other motor sports. Although impressed easy ride because it is supported four wheels, but its operation is quite difficult. Need calculations and special expertise in tracking corner and beat-tracking that exist,”he said.
If the two-wheeled motorcycle, he added, motor body just dodge enough to pass, but ATV can not be indiscriminate. The Body”For large and heavy. If precise calculations we could not carry the motor and upside down, “he added.
For ATV riding needs a strong hand. ”When on  bend handlebar control will attract riders towards the opposite. So it took extra effort to hold the balance of the vehicle. In addition, a balance must be maintained to conquer the sharp bend in a position to wheel racing in the opposite corner position will be lifted. So the rider operates the vehicle in a position partially lifted wheel. If not sure we can keep the balance will fall on the bend, “he added.
Price? About the price varies depending on vehicle type and CC. Special”to 150 cc price is still in between Rp20 million, well above it are more expensive again. Going forward, ATV Sport is going to be used to support the development of nature tourism in the Earth’s Mutual Kruani Krawati Sangi. “So, tourists will tour packages we offer natural, crossing the durian fruit plantations, natural forests, and waterfalls with riding ATVs,” he concluded.

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