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May 26, 2011

Holiday until the birth of my daughter 4 is coming and I have decided I will buy a new battery-powered electric cars the wheel. Already has one but I want to get a ride, see more rapid cooling, which will go in the grass as one of the best when it has a problem when trying to install in any place other than on the sidewalk. So I started my research on the Internet to search for the latest and greatest power wheels have a girl who will meet my expectations and gave me more for the money. What I found is that there are many options in PowerWheels girls, but at that time said I did decided KFX Barbie Power Wheels vehicle for girls.

I would like to share why I chose this car on another battery, especially in hopes it will make your decision easier when you choose to ride completely on your little girl.

Here are 4 main reasons I decided on KFX Barbie Power Wheels vehicle for girls:

1. Tire Size – The KFX Barbie comes with a “monster traction” tires, great to drive on all surfaces and worked very well on grass, which are essential for my daughter.

2. Size batteries – vehicle Barbie comes with a 12-volt battery, which has a life of great horsemanship of the cost, have led to disappointment in the middle of the child never fun!

3. Variable sped – foot pedal will speed up PowerWheel Barbie to 2,5 miles per hour, which is not bad, but it also has a “Turbo”, which can be changed on the throttle while holding the foot pedal down to increase the means to defeat the miles at 5 girl that I love . What is very nice with the activation of strangulation can easily be cut so that your child can learn to control the car worry-free until you feel it was ready “to go fast.”

4. Ease of guidance – I have another form of energy wife wheel does not cut corners very well and this is really going to surprise him, ATV Barbie is very easy to turn a full circle, and not much smaller in diameter than others I’ve seen.

Holiday birthday has come and gone now and I must say I made the right choice, vehicle Barbie is awesome, I can not choose the best gifts, and raises every day, and a lot of fun from the standpoint of the parents and, watching and listening to demonstrate a journey the car was submitted to the places (in the backyard ) and this really got to play to achieve creativity and imagination. We hope this will help you choose the power wheels are perfect for girls to make you happy like a child.

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