Razor dirt authenticity four wheel – electric car review

Dirt four-wheel-drive model code authenticity maximum ‘Scooter’ only permissible way is closed four small wheels. Dune buggy code, such as dirt and authenticity assessment and capacity away really has to deal with road conditions. Dune buggy still on relatively flat surfaces is the best, but difficult to easily handle dirt and authenticity can track major constraint.

This vehicle is not a game of money – are the features of the church under all terrain vehicle engineering as well, a high gear torque,, which provides the best chance to climb back and droop travel regions suspended track that delivers a smooth journey down resistance, fairings, plastic and powder coated tubular steel frame off is sustainable in all weather conditions.

As many of shaving products, and the recommendation of the official age 8 + years of age is. Once again, many users very good with children younger than 8 proper training and monitoring results, report. With all electric ride ons as, use your decision, make sure they are ready, and wear all safety equipment.

Authenticity code mess facilities

* High torque engine and gearing ratio provides excellent climbing capabilities to

* Riser handlebars and adjustable for maximum convenience large padded seat

* Full power transfer large 13 “pneumatic tires for your agreement to the dirt was

* Hand brake operated by the background

* Smooth ride droop travel behind earth pending

* Fairings all-weather plastic for durability and shatter resistant powder coating – tubular frame

Providing space for storage * vertical

* Top of continuous battery power 60 minutes

* Twist – steering wheel and battery indicator right on the seizure of animals

* 2006 Sports Illustrated for children given “to the” Family Choice Award 2006 and awards

Stomach * Rear handle with science and safety

Other specifications

* Product Weight: £ 89

* Product Dimensions assembled: 43 “× 24″ 31,5 × ”

* 24V (12V 2) is sealed, lead acid battery system

* Mae rechargeable battery and charger approved Add

* Minor assembly required, tools are included

Then dust razor real authenticity, and all road vehicles and off road vehicles or who just like the convenience of electricity for new people is permissible. They respect and care needed by any car is capable, but when properly with your times of joy will be used to provide, or on the road.

Things that are very good about this topic:

* Non-legal high torque motor and with big tires on the capacity Road closed

Speed ​​and small size limit young people / people with the board to fit

* Break resistant plastic and tubular steel frame for durability

* Battery life strong, up to one hour of continuous use is

* Qualified engineering vehicle and suspension to cope with the region

Things can be better:

* That can catch children being

Almost all four-wheel car – like *, and if the tip of its borders can kicked

Most four wheel – ATVs like, and this model a high center of gravity is low riding go kart. And then be pushed too far back can, but anything that can be dangerous if misused can. Read operating instructions and work safely, and wear all necessary safety equipment, and should be fine.

Thus the biggest gas-powered car against such a power unit and is useful in that top 10 miles per hour in the middle speed, aggressive but not too much to get out of control is sufficient evidence .


Authenticity of a strange dust razor features a real and strong performance with off road, ride is introduced. There is no need, for the convenience of electricity concessions courage, creation and gives both 4 Wheeler. With respect to deal with them and they encourage you hours of all regions and will provide hours.

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